Map 1236 N. Peck Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA
(West of Polliwog Park)
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Enjoy Wildlife at MBBG

Enjoy Wildlife at MBBG

Because MBBG incorporates only water-wise plants including many CA natives, and practices Earth-friendly gardening prohibiting chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides, it has earned a Certified Wildlife Habitat designation by the National Wildlife Federation.  These four essentials of wildlife are provided:

1. Food (flower seeds, bugs and insects, vegetation)

2. Water (water feature and certain plants that retain dew in their leaf structure)

3. Shelter (shrubs, trees, bat box, bird house, rocks, mulch, chemical-free soil)

4. Places to raise young (water, trees, shrubs, species-specific plants, chemical-free soil)


Here are the critters most commonly seen in the garden... Click here