Map 1236 N. Peck Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA
(West of Polliwog Park)
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MBBG Included in New Book
Written by Julie Gonella   
Thursday, 14 April 2016 18:27

We are happy to announce that a special project, in the works for over a year, has at last been completed. Author Rebecca Razo has included MBBG in her new book Quiet Los Angeles. It is the fourth in a series that includes Quiet LondonQuiet Paris and Quiet London. "These guides offer both visitors and locals a chance to enjoy the quiet side of these lively cities, to find places off the beaten track, and explore enticing small museums or enjoy peaceful gardens.”
The MBBG board would like to express its thanks for the hard work and generosity of the many volunteers and supporters that helped establish, and who continue to tirelessly maintain, such a special and unique garden. Their efforts keep paying off and are noticed and appreciated more than ever!



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