Map 1236 N. Peck Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA
(West of Polliwog Park)
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About Us
MBBG Mission

Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden is a non-profit public education organization dedicated to promoting Earth-friendly gardening techniques, encouraging the use of drought-tolerant plants including California natives, and conserving our natural resources.

MBBG mission statement:

We promote Earth-friendly gardening for the conservation of water, wildlife and the well-being of our community.

Board of Directors and Advisors 2010

Board of Directors

Charlotte Marshall  (President, PR)

Julie Gonella  (Vice President, Garden Maintenance Director)

Roy Gonella  (Treasurer)

Gretchen Renshaw Zwissler  (Garden Maintenance Director, Garden Tours)

Mimi Andersen (Garden Maintenance Director, Blog master)

Jill Brunkhardt (Chevron liason)

Mike Garcia (Enviroscape)

Dave Harris (Rotary Club)

Eve Kelso (City of MB liason)

John Scott (Graphic Designer)

Martha Andreani (Secretary)

Board of Advisors

Melanie Baer-Keeley (Horticulturist-specializing in CA Native Plants)

Tony Baker (Horticulturist, Landscaper)

Ann Barklow (Consulting Certified Arborist)
Former MBBG board member & founder

Kathleen Bullard (Environmental Planner)
Former MBBG board member & founder

Joyce Haraughty (PR)
Former MBBG board member

Greg Monfette (Registered Consulting Arborist)

David Moody (Naturalist, Birder)

Lisa Ryder Moore (Composting, Worm bins)

Andrew Pedersen (Entomologist)

Bob Shanman (Birder, Nature Store Owner)


Garden Maintenance

Friday Volunteer Directors: Mimi Andersen, Julie Gonella, Gretchen Renshaw, Sylvia Rayner, and Beth Crosse

Large Jobs: Mike Garcia and Enviroscape

Mulch Delivery: Wally Miglin

Bird feeders and Interpretive Sign Upkeep: Linda Morey

Garden's Entry Display Case: Edie Merrifield


PR: Charlotte Marshall

Rotary: Dave Harris

City Liaison: Eve Kelso and Sona Coffee

Chevron Liaison: Jill Brunkhardt

Membership: Julie Gonella


Interpretive Signs and Brochures: John Scott

Classes: Martha Andreani

Website: Julie Gonella

We are always looking for volunteers to help on our committees and boards. Contact us
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Thank You MBBG Sponsors!

Oak ($5,000)
Chevron Corporation

Alder ($1,000)
Mike Garcia
Rotary Club of MB
Helen Ristani

Redbud ($500)
Julie & Roy Gonella
Manhattan Beach Property Owners Association
John Scott
David Lesser and Family
Kim Lewis
Bruce Johnson

Sage ($250)
Martha Andreani
Kathy Clark
Hermosa Garden Club
Kellie Hunter
Neptunian Women's Club
Edie Merrifield & Family


Deborah & John Porter & Family
Bob Shanman of Wild Birds
Unlimited: Free Birdseed
Kristie Daniel-DiGregorio

Buckwheat ($100)
Janet Brownlee
Kathleen Bullard
Patrick & Mary Goshtigian &
Marina del Rey Garden Center
Patrick Moore & Dr. Maria
Capaldo: Plant Sales
Zwissler Family
Ann Barklow
Ann Dalkey
Deborah & Will Hass
Charlotte and Russ Lesser
Laura & Layton Pace
Bernard & Shirley Renyer
Geoffrey Yarema
Dave Harris
Hans & Rachel Vandenberg
Maria Doiev
Robin & Sharon Nakazaki &
Liza Levine
Charlotte & John Barry

Poppy ($50)
Jim Catella
Cathy Clous
Joyce & Ken Haraughty
Charlotte Marshall
Ann Martin
McAree Family
Meyers Family
Andrea Miller
Mary-Lou Quinn
Isa & Barrie Anderson
Stana Edgington
Virginia Evans
Mike Gumino
Kris Lauritson
Dixie Roy
Vickie Rush
Carol & Wayne Fenner
Georgette Gantner
Betty Keel
Don & Jeanne McPherson
Temple Shalom: plant donations
Diane & Lou Charbonneau
Kaye Gagnon
Thomas Conroy & Alice Neuhauser
Stephanie & Gabriel Goshtigian
Mark & Kelly Wolschon
Cheryll Lynn & Scott McNabb

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Become a Sponsor and/or Member of Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden
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Open Donation Amount

Poppy ( $50 )

History of the Garden

History of the Garden  Creation of the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden began in 1992 by a group of concerned local citizens. To understand why, one first needs a short history lesson of the Southern California landscape. It begins millions of years ago, along with the geological history of Los Angeles. Let's briefly go back in time, way back, to an era so long ago that humans hadn't yet even walked the earth.

Although the Palos Verdes peninsula was situated about where it is now, it was separated from the mainland by water. It was 8th in a chain we call the Channel Islands. Neither it nor the other Channel Islands had ever been a part of the California landmass, but like Hawaii, had been created by volcanic activity. All the area we call Los Angeles had not yet been formed, and was part of the ocean floor.

Over the eons, tectonic activity and weather patterns bombarded the landscape.  The mountains you see surrounding Los Angeles were hit annually with snow, rain, wind, and even lightning, which caused natural fires.  As the ocean floor was thrust upwards, erosion brought soil from those mountains westward to the ocean. Eventually thlige seabed rose high enough to crest above the waves and become dry land.

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